Go to sleep, weight will be reduced

Go to sleep, weight will be reduced

A good night’s sleep plays an important role in burning calories and losing weight. According to recent research, gut microbes are the best contributors to burning calories while sleeping.

According to research by the University of Iowa, unhealthy gut bacteria can cause weight gain. While healthy bacteria help with weight loss, experts believe their research could be useful in treating obesity.

Go to sleep, weight will be reduced

Dr. John Kirby, professor of microbiology and urology, author of this study, says that the main source of our research is the intestinal bacteria that play an important role in burning calories during sleep.
Also, Dr. John Kirby’s team is researching the effects of the anti-psychotic drug Risperidone.

This drug causes weight gain in the patient. It is usually given to patients suffering from psychiatric problems, autism and bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

In the last two decades, the rate of use of this drug has increased eightfold. According to Dr. Kirby’s team, long-term use of various drugs leads to weight gain. causes the change of microbes. Under the experiments, these drugs were tested on rats, then the rats also underwent weight gain experiments.

Weight gain usually occurs with aging, but it is caused by changes in healthy bacteria, while unhealthy bacteria cause changes in the metabolic system. This unhealthy change leads to weight gain. These bacteria cause a 16 percent change in the metabolic system, which is a lot, which means that a person can gain 29 pounds every year.

That’s like eating an extra cheeseburger every day, Dr. Kirby says. Experts say that the transfer or mutation of microbes, a type of virus, affects the good bacteria in the gut and affects the metabolic system. Experts say that this research on gut microbes can lead to the best solution for obesity treatment.
Experts say that sleep plays a very important role in healthy weight loss, because when you sleep, your energy is spent more, when you don’t move, calories are burned more, so sleep for eight to eight and a half hours. It is necessary.
5 special foods that will help you lose weight in gold are turkey, fish and chicken
All these forms of protein are digested slowly provided you don’t drink cold drinks with your meal.
Therefore, for dinner, eat well-cooked white meat or barbecue, both methods are useful.

Do not eat carbohydrates while sleeping

If you take foods containing carbohydrates at bedtime, you will not fall asleep quickly, if you eat them in the evening, there is no harm. These foods slow down the metabolism and thus cause sleepiness.

Dry fruits can definitely be eaten

They contain healthy energy and fat, but nuts and fruits should not be fried in ghee, which means that not including trans fats in the diet will help you sleep better and relieve the nervous fatigue of the day.

Green tea only for night

Thus, the benefits of taking green tea during the day are high and the harm is negligible, however, the use of green tea is considered to be very effective for burning calories at night.

Use black pepper

Black pepper plays a key role in burning calories. It is also a helpful spice in respiratory diseases. You will experience surprising results by including black pepper in some form in your dinner and evening snack.

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