Hepatitis… Fatal edema of the liver

Hepatitis… Fatal edema of the liver

Hepatitis literally means inflammation of the liver. Like smallpox and polio, it is a contagious disease, meaning that the virus spreads and there are many types of viruses.

From A to E, however, it is important for you to know the symptoms. Is.
Pressure is felt under the right rib.
Yellowing of the skin.
Burning sensation on the skin.
Fever and dry cough.

Hepatitis… Fatal edema of the liver

Jaundice means jaundice.
Being tired all the time.
Fluid accumulation in an organ such as the stomach and lungs.
Bleeding from the stomach or intestines.
Nervous tension, drowsiness or excessive sleepiness.
Having high blood pressure and headaches.
Causes of Hepatitis
The causes of either type of hepatitis are almost the same.

All of these causes are described below, as well as the individual causes of each edema under that edema.
It is a blood-borne disease. If an infected person gives blood to someone, the virus enters a healthy person.
Repeated use of used syringes.
Getting dental treatment from unqualified and unlicensed dentists whose instruments are not sterilized.

Such salons and barbers are known to shave many times with the same razor and provide services to different people with the same towel.
If the nose and ear piercing instruments are not changed, the virus is usually transmitted from infected women to healthy women.
Acupuncture treatment involves needles and if these needles are used repeatedly in different patients, there is a high chance of spreading the disease.

The disease is also transmitted to the child born from an infected mother. People who take care of an infected patient and do not take many precautions have a strong chance of contracting the disease.
The virus can also be present in the patient’s saliva.
Liver edema A (Hepatitis A)
Its virus spreads like typhoid.
It is an infectious condition that usually spreads in the fall. A specific type of virus called HAV infects the liver. It is usually common in developing countries and small countries. It causes jaundice in children. Its incubation period is fifteen to forty-five days. In a patient infected with this virus, the virus continues to be released from his body.
People with weak immune system are susceptible to it very quickly.
Edema of the liver B (Hepatitis B)
It is more deadly and dangerous than hepatitis A. It is considered more dangerous than AIDS. This disease is also called serum hepatitis. The main reason for its transmission is blood transfusion. Found in the fluids that are released from the body such as saliva, stool, urine and other fluids, the amount of bilirubin in the patient’s blood increases very much like hepatitis A.

Liver edema (Hepatitis C)
A study by the World Health Organization shows that there are 190 million people worldwide who are causing the spread of the disease. The virus affects different people in different ways. Many people have no symptoms of the disease. One in five people who get this type of infection clears it up on its own within six months.
The infection of the rest of the people is a disturbing disease for years, but sometimes it is a lifelong disease. Under it, dangerous kidney diseases surround the person and sometimes death also occurs.
Liver edema (Hepatitis D)
It is an inflammation caused by an incomplete virus, HDV 2. It can become very fatal if infected with hepatitis B virus.
Liver edema (Hepatitis E)
Its virus, HEV, is spread mostly through water. This inflammation is also seen mostly in pregnant women, which causes 20% mortality.

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