How to Care From SunStroke | Health Tips

How to Care From SunStroke | Health Tips

In our country, from May to July, the sun shines brightly, which affects humans, birds, and every living being.

In the heat, the possibility of getting a fever increases, which is called sunstroke in English. When a person is affected by extreme heat, his body temperature rises, due to which his physical health and feelings change and the skin becomes hot and dry, which It means that the concerned person has suffered from sun stroke.

How to Care From SunStroke | Health Tips

Due to swelling in the haram muz and disturbance of the nervous system, the fever rises to 104 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result of hyperemia, the heart rate increases and the heart feels like it is sinking.

The nerves, especially the muscles of the back and neck feel stretched and tensed. The affected person asks for water repeatedly. Apart from this, symptoms of vomiting, dizziness and pain also appear.

Balance in walking is not maintained. Fainting also occurs, which is considered a very dangerous stage in this disease. Children and elderly people are usually more affected by flu.

As a result of excessive sweating in extreme heat, a large part of water is released from the body, so to protect the body from dehydration, cold drinks with a little salt, including lemon skanjbean, thin lassi, satu or bazuri syrup. Be sure to drink.

Drink a glass or two of water while leaving the house. On the contrary, cola drinks are not only harmful, but also increase the intensity of thirst. If possible, it is better. Do not wear dark dark clothes in this season, as they absorb more heat. Nowadays it is common to wear cloche clothes, which are not breathable, so light colored cotton clothes. use

Students returning to the sun and those working in hot places should keep a wet cloth on the head. Also, do not use fried, sticky, stale and hot products, but fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables including falsa, cucumber, Use more watermelon, melon and potato Bukhara etc. In case of fever, keep the patient in a cool, ventilated place and lie down in a horizontal position.

Bathe with cold water. This is a dangerous disease, in which the patient becomes unconscious. In this condition, do not give salt water to the patient, until he regains consciousness. It can affect the lungs. Soak strips in ice water on the forehead. As part of the treatment, put half a teaspoon of yeast pearls with half a cup of Gazoban juice three times a day. Keep raw mangoes in ash for fifteen minutes.

Then take them out. Then squeeze their juice well and add sugar and ice and drink it every two hours.

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